A professional, well rehearsed PowerPoint presentation can make or break the delivery of your message

Keep the audience’s attention, and deliver your message with impact

As a business owner, organizational leader, or professional, you’ve probably seen it a hundred times: another PowerPoint presentation that lacks substance, engaging slides, and a message that resonates with the audience. What can you do to make sure your presentation is more impactful, on point, and really keeps your viewers attention?

Here are a few tips that will help to make your next presentation more effective:

1) Know your material

Although Microsoft PowerPoint is powerful software, no one wants to see someone reading off of screen. Your PowerPoint presentation is a reference for viewers to visualize your message. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Know your content, and make eye contact with the audience.

2) Highlight the important points

Keep statements brief, and explain them using your knowledge of the topic.

3) Know your audience

Your content, visual examples, and subject matter must match your audience. If they cannot relate, they will tune out. Use humour only
if appropriate with that target audience.

4) Keep text limited and make it large

Limit text on visual displays. Make sure it can be read at all viewpoints in the room, by making it large, and utilizing the maximum space the slide allows. Test the viewing of your slides by moving to all parts of the room, and experience what the viewer would see and hear.

5) Visuals must match the topic and be clear, unique, and appropriate

Have you ever sat through a presentation that included charts, data, and visualizations, with numbers and characters that were illegible? Too much data, displayed poorly, sends a confusing message to your audience. Make sure your graphs, charts, and images, are large enough to be read. If they are not, make them larger, and clearer, and break up your visuals into multiple slides, so your message is graphically represented with accuracy.

Microsoft PowerPoint also has many other advanced features like animations, embedded video and audio, and impactful templates, that can help you get started, and relay your message with impact, clarity, and professionalism.

Please contact us for more information about Microsoft PowerPoint’s features, and how they can help make your business more productive.

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